CIB’s strength lies in a flexible strategy that allows it to constantly adapt to unremitting changes in market dynamics, creating value for stakeholders each step of the way. The BoD and executive management share a philosophy of placing clients at the heart of every decision and the same mission of achieving sustainable financial and non-financial growth. To accomplish this, we rely on our employees and are determined to constantly develop their skills and provide them with the latest innovative technology.

Our Vision

To uphold CIB’s distinct reputation as a leading and trusted financial institution in Egypt, respected for its people, strong core values, performance, and commitment to inclusive, responsible, and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

To create outstanding stakeholder value by providing best-in-class financial solutions to the individuals and enterprises that drive Egypt’s economy. Through our innovative product offerings, superior customer service, staff development strategies, and commitment to sustainability, we will realize our ambitions and help shape the future of banking in Egypt for years to come.

Our Objective

To grow and help others grow.

Our Values

A number of core values outline the way in which CIB employees work together to deliver effective results for our customers and community.


  • Exemplify the highest standards of personal and professional ethics in all aspects of our business
  • Be honest and open at all times
  • Stand up for our convictions and accept responsibility for our own mistakes
  • Comply fully with the laws, rules, and practices that govern CIB’s business in Egypt and abroad
  • Say what we do and do what we say

Client Focus

  • Our clients are at the heart of our activities, and their satisfaction is our ultimate objective
  • Our success is dependent upon our ability to provide products and services that help our clients achieve their goals
  • We partner with our clients and work together as a single team with success as our primary objective


  • CIB has been a pioneer in the financial services industry since inception 40 years ago as the first joint venture bank in Egypt; we believe innovation is a core competitive advantage and promote it accordingly
  • We seek to lead Egypt’s financial services industry into the future, with innovation being key to serving the millions of Egyptians who remain unbanked or underserved

Hard Work

  • Our work is governed by discipline and perseverance to achieve outstanding results for both our clients and stakeholders
  • Our commitment to our clients is guided by our drive for excellence
  • We work with our clients to accomplish their current goals and anticipate and plan for their future goals and objectives


  • We collaborate, listen, and share information openly within the CIB family to enhance every staff member’s knowledge base and skill set
  • Each member of our staff is an ambassador for CIB’s corporate brand and image
  • We value and respect each other’s cultural backgrounds and unique perspectives

Respect for the Individual

  • We respect all individuals, whether employees, clients, shareholders, or community members
  • We treat each other with dignity and respect and take the time to respond to questions and concerns
  • We firmly believe each individual should have the space to make suggestions and offer constructive criticism
  • CIB is a meritocracy, where all employees are privy to equal development opportunities based only on merit and accomplishments


  • CIB holds employee-client and business etiquette in the highest regard and maintains strict policies for governing decorum
  • The observance of good behavior, speech, actions, and dress code is part and parcel of our culture at CIB

Value Creation Model

Value creation is and has always been one of the main pillars of the Bank’s strategy and focus. CIB works diligently to create value for its shareholders, customers, employees, and society. To do this, the Bank efficiently utilizes its key resources to best serve its strategic priorities, taking into account all the macroeconomic driving forces that prevail. This results in creating both financial and non-financial value for CIB’s stakeholders.

Resources (Input)Value Created (Outcome)
Financial Capital

Strong financial capital is always re-invested in the Bank’s activities

  • EGP 9.58 billion in net income
  • EGP 20.38 billion total revenues
  • EGP 34.2 billion net worth
  • EGP 342 billion total assets
  • EGP 285 billion total deposits
  • EGP 86.4 billion market capitalization
  • 33.1% ROAE
  • 4.06% NPLs
  • 20.3% cost/income
Financial Performance
  • Ranked #1 bank among all Egyptian private-sector banks in terms of revenues, net worth, total assets, and deposits
  • The largest market capitalization in the Egyptian banking sector
  • One of the highest ROEs, compared to a market average of 21.5%
  • One of the lowest efficiency ratios among Egyptian private-sector banks
Human Capital

CIB’s in-depth expertise in different industries is mainly rooted in our skilled, specialized and dedicated staff

  • 6,759 total workforce as of year-end
  • 291,466 training hours
  • 92% of employees completed the fourth Employee Effectiveness Survey (EES)
  • 63% engagement level
  • 52% enablement level
Human Capital
  • Highly skilled staff capable of sustaining CIB’s path of success and maintaining the Bank’s leading position within the market
Technological Infrastructure

The Bank continuously invests in its IT systems and ensure they are up-to-date to make certain that the business runs smoothly

  • CIB’s systems availability exceeded 99%
Technological Infrastructure
  • Stable, agile, and safe systems that provide seamless services to clients through CIB’s swift adoption of the latest technology as it arises

Innovation is chiseled in the Bank’s DNA, and CIB is at the forefront of the market in offering simple, fast, and contextual experiences to its customers, with a special focus on digitalization

  • #1 in mobile wallet activity in Egypt
  • #1 in mobile banking penetration in Egypt
  • 61% y-o-y increase in number of new mobile banking downloads, and 49% y-o-y increase in number of transactions
  • 95% y-o-y increase in number of new internet banking clients, and 26% y-o-y increase in number of transactions
  • 50% y-o-y increase in number of new smart wallet users, and 50% y-o-y increase in number of transactions
  • Largest ATM network among private banks, at 917 ATMs
  • Expanding in digital banking platforms through availing more services on digital portals to our clients. CIB offers bill payment through IVR; a service offered by no other bank in the market. Digital banking achieved total cost synergy of EGP 1.5 billion, a 156% y-o-y increase
Client Relationships

CIB has long-standing relationships with clients that are built on trust

  • 19% y-o-y increase in customer-base, reaching more than 1.3 million clients in 2018
  • 6% y-o-y increase in total new to bank clients in 2018
  • More than 250 MNCs and international Companies are CIB clients, with 32 being Fortune 500 companies
  • CSAT:
    • Wealth 8.4 in 2018 (up from 8.3 in 2017)
    • Plus 8.3 in 2018 (up from 8.2 in 2017)
    • Corporate 8.1 in 2018 (up from 7.5 in 2017)
  • NPS:
    • Wealth 47 (vs 20.3 NPS ME Benchmark)
    • Plus 43 (vs 20.3 NPS ME Benchmark)
    • Corporate 43 (vs 37.9 NPS ME Benchmark)
Client Relationships
  • CIB listens attentively to its clients and continuously incorporates customer feedback into its financial offering as part of the Bank’s customer-centricity strategy. As a result, CIB’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score improved year on year
Brand Recognition

CIB’s core values enabled the Bank to preserve and strengthen its brand positioning in the financial services market in Egypt as the largest private bank

  • #38 on Forbes Middle East “Top 100 Listed Companies in the Arab World”, and ranked #1 ahead of the other three Egyptian companies on the list
Brand Recognition
  • CIB was named “World’s Best Emerging Markets Bank” by Global Finance for 2018 for the second consecutive year after being named “World’s Best Bank in Emerging Markets” by Euromoney in 2017. CIB is the first bank in the Middle East and Africa to win this prestigious award

CIB is managing its environmental footprint by applying the highest standards related to its energy and water consumption, carbon footprint, and waste management

  • 2.53% decline in electricity consumption in 90 mega buildings
  • Saved 103 million liters of water; 40% reduction in water consumption
  • Saved 737 A4 paper boxes
  • Two head offices are awarded the highest environmental GPRS Green Level
  • Ranked #1 on the EGX Sustainability Index in 2018 for the fifth consecutive year
  • CIB became the first Arab and African company to be listed on the 2019 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) — the world’s only comprehensive investment-quality data source on gender equality
  • Aligning our activities with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Egypt’s Vision 2030, and Paris Agreement on Climate Change
  • We have an e-waste management initiative to safely dispose of mobiles, computers, and others
  • Biodegradable plastic bags are now used across CIB
  • Our annual Sustainability Report is in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Core Standards, which provide the most comprehensive framework for sustainability reporting
  • CIB is one of only two banks in Egypt and the MENA region to participate in the development of the UNEP-FI’s Principles for Responsible Banking, the first set of guiding principles focusing specifically on the banking industry