Consumer Banking

CIB Consumer Banking remains committed to executing the segmentation strategy developed and communicated in 2017. This strategy continues to drive our efforts to deepen our customer relationships, execute targeted marketing campaigns, and attract new customers.

Pillars of Our Consumer Banking Strategy

  • Data analytics and behavior segmentation: Leveraging the Bank’s investment in data analytics, we continue to drive a targeted lifestyle and behavioral approach to segmentation. We aim to retain, deepen, and grow our relationships with customers through tailored campaigns, along with more specific targeting criteria.
  • T24 banking upgrade: We are upgrading our current core banking IT system (Temenos T24) to benefit from new features, such as the arrangement architecture, to develop new products and expand STP to improve operational efficiency.
  • Digital transformation to enhance customer experience and drive cost efficiency: CIB is currently engaged in a number of transformational projects, such as loan origination, customer account onboarding, and upgrading our digital banking platform. We are implementing segmented operational processing and a service model that will ensure that CIB provides the best customer experience in the local market.
  • Aligning the product range to segment-specific needs: We continue to align our product offerings to our customer segments to enhance the customer experience, improve productivity, and deepen relationships. In this vein, we launched our new high-net-worth segment Private together with an entirely new product and service proposition.
  • Improving customer loyalty: We digitized the current loyalty scheme, which had a marked impact on customers through increased awareness and activity.

Private Segment

The new segment caters to the banking and investment needs of clients with a minimum AUM threshold of EGP 20 million by providing a range of alternative solutions, including: tailored banking products and services, new lending products, investment solutions, and other wealth-related services. The segment aligns with regional competitor HNW propositions delivered via a separate distribution model.

2018 Private Financial Highlights
  • Total deposits reached EGP 22.0 billion
  • Total asset portfolio hit EGP 2.6 billion
Key 2018 Private Milestones
  • Brand name and marketing plan: The soft launch of the segment took place in May, and individual meetings with all Private clients have already taken place. All branded materials for the new segment, including the website and Internet banking platform, are aligned with its identity.
  • Operating model and dedicated premises: The segment will operate and welcome Cairo-based clients in Zamalek. A Client Advisor is permanently located at a branded CIB Private office serving clients based in Alexandria. Client. Advisors are the main touch point for any service within the Bank, but clients also have the option to call CIB short numbers.
  • Launch of new banking and investment products: The unveiling of the Mastercard World Elite credit card was aligned with the launch of the Private segment. We have also developed a branded debit card for Private clients. Other solutions such as structured CDs and portfolio management products are expected to be launched in 2019.

Wealth Segment

The Wealth segment continued expanding its brand position and focus on targeting affluent customers. The Bank continues to offer customers a unique set of products and services and an exceptional customer experience.

The division developed an ongoing learning and development program via our “Wealth Academy” and the International Introduction to Securities and Investment exam offered by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI). As of December 2018, we have 48 certified Wealth Managers.

Enhancing service levels and value proposition will continue to be the main focus. In January 2018, he Bank launched concierge services for all Wealth customers in partnership with Les Concierges Egypt. Additionally, it enhanced the Wealth internet banking experience by including the names and contact details of individual Wealth officers to better serve clients.

In 2018, it pursued several brand-building initiatives, sponsorships, and events that increased brand engagement, the most prominent of which was a partnership with the Four Seasons San Stefano in Alexandria, offering special perks ranging from free nights to discounts and special membership discounts from Palm Hills club. It also offered the beIN Sports Package during the world cup and invited Wealth clients to the Ahl Misr Annual Sohour Event. In addition, customers were also invited to a concert by renowned Egyptian composer and pianist Omar Khairat as part of the benefits strategy for the segment.

2018 Wealth Financial Highlights
  • Total deposits reached EGP 96.3 billion
  • Total asset portfolio hit EGP 11.4 billion

Plus Segment

In 2018, we focused on enhancing services by introducing a new concierge service to Plus customers through our partnership with Les Concierge Egypt. We are currently in the pilot phase of offering government service assistance.

2018 Plus Financial Highlights
  • Total deposits reached EGP 21.4 billion, increasing 22.5% y-o-y
  • Total assets hit EGP 1.7 billion, representing a 47.3% increase y-o-y

Personal Banking Segment

In 2018, our Personal Banking segment delivered a strong performance, adding 245,876 new-to-bank customers, which translated to a 21% increase in our customer base. Total deposits increased 19.9% while assets recorded strong growth of 14.9% and savings accounts 16.8%. The performance stems from our customer-centric brand proposition and use of behavioral segmentation to deepen relationships and improve loyalty among personal banking customers. We also engaged in portfolio management activities to grow balances from existing customers and reduce stagnancy and attrition.

In 2018, CIB also focused on increasing the revenue generated from marginally profitable customers by cross-selling assets and reducing the cost to serve. We have launched asset cross-sell campaigns and payroll packages differentiated by company size.

Our digital migration efforts are paying off, with 23% more transactions off-loaded from our branch network in 2018 resulting in a substantial increase in the number of online banking registrations. In 2019, the segment will prioritize creating a new personal banking brand identity and product propositions to appeal to a wider base of consumers and continue to drive digital migration.

2018 Financial Highlights
  • Total deposits increased to EGP 18.9 billion, a 19.9% increase y-o-y
  • Total assets climbed to EGP 6.7 billion, increasing 14.9% y-o-y

Consumer Assets

The Consumer Banking Household segment achieved significant performance and continued to grow its market share of consumer assets, reaching 7.78% in 2018 compared to 7.67% in 2017. Additionally, CIB captured 9.9% of market growth in 2018 despite having only 6% of branches by market share. CIB is currently ranked the top private sector bank in terms of consumer assets, with our consumer asset portfolio up by 21.9% in 2018 to EGP 22.9 billion. Consumer assets recorded total revenues of EGP 1.3 billion in 2018, which contributed 23% to total Consumer Banking revenues.

Our key objective is to sustain this level of growth in 2019 and outpace the market by adopting a segment-driven strategy that promotes our product propositions, acquisitions, service models, portfolio, and life cycle management. This will translate to providing clients with need-based propositions. We will continue building and leveraging our investments in technology transformation and digital platform in 2019.

Cards Business

Our Credit Card portfolio has grown by 8% since 2017, outpacing the average market growth rate of 7%. At the end of December, our portfolio included 494,403 cards, and we experienced strong improvement in activation rates. End-of-period net receivables (ENR) grew 22.1% to EGP 3.5 billion. We are currently the second largest bank in the market in terms of ENR. CIB’s market share continued to increase, reaching 23.2% at the end of the year. Furthermore, CIB is first in the market in terms of spending, which was up 31% in 2018. This performance was mainly driven by:

  • Product launches and acquisition campaigns: Fee waiver acquisition campaigns for Core and Premium cards and the World Elite Card launch.
  • Effective attrition management: Credit card attrition decreased from 10.1% in 2017 to 8.1% in 2018.
  • Activation initiatives and campaigns: We launched a new activation process in addition to the NTB Early Month on Book Program and dormant campaigns, which targeted inactive customers and sought to raise awareness about benefits they could enjoy from CIB’s products and services.
  • Zero interest installment campaigns: Strategic partners included local and international companies and shops such as Apple, Nestle, Carrefour, Hyper One, Delta Group, Ragab Sons, and
  • Sales contests and incentives: Launch of successful sales contests and the revision of the incentive scheme.

CIB’s investments in technology and data analytics will present significant further opportunities for growth in 2019.

Personal Instalment Loans Product

Our consumer loans portfolio grew significantly in 2018 to reach EGP 16.3 billion despite the economic and overall market challenges. The Personal Loans Business recorded total revenues of EGP 749.4 million, contributing 12% to total Consumer Banking revenues in 2018 driven by: Product launches and acquisition campaigns: Salary up-front revolving overdrafts, secured facility CD bundle campaigns, beIN sports campaign, and behavioral segmentation campaigns.

  • Credit policy changes: Increasing AUM-based program limits, increasing maximum loan amount for self-employed customers, accepting customers that have full salary as variable income, implementing a new income computation methodology (self-employed), and expanding outsourced companies to include all those meeting our policy criteria.
  • Sales contests and incentives: Launching successful sales contests and revising the incentive scheme.

Mortgage Product

The Mortgage Business experienced outstanding performance throughout 2018. Low-income mortgage acquisitions registered revenues of EGP 28.8 million in 2018 and enjoyed a strong flow of referrals from the Mortgage Finance Fund, which bodes well for future growth. ENR reached EGP 799 million. Significant growth in CIB’s low-income segment was triggered by the following:

  • Operational process: Process enhancements in collaboration with other departments to reduce turnaround time.
  • Changes in credit risk policies: Outstanding performance of the low-income mortgage portfolio encouraged the Risk Group to approve certain policy changes that led to higher acquisition numbers throughout the year.
  • Recognition and incentives: Monthly sales recognition is based on productivity and target achievement.


The total deposit portfolio reached EGP 165 billion in 2018, up 18.3% from 2017. This growth was achieved despite aggressive price competition with public sector banks. The key growth drivers in 2018 included:

  • Focusing on gathering low-cost deposits specifically in CASA by offering competitive rates.
  • Promoting local currency floating CDs to counter price competition.
  • Introducing competitively priced USD CDs to meet corporate lending requirements.

We also focused on improving product profitability and enhancing spreads while growing the deposit base. These efforts have translated into a new portfolio mix for Consumber Banking CASA products; reaching 48.8% in CASA compared to 51.2% in term.

CIB aspires to build a “sticky customer deposit” base that is less price sensitive.

Insurance Business

The Insurance Business provides life and general insurance programs that generate non-interest revenues in the form of fees for CIB Consumer Banking. CIB is the largest distributor of individual life insurance policies in Egypt in partnership with AXA. CIB is the first bank in Egypt to provide individual international health solutions that cover a wide array of global services.

Strategic Goals
  • Increase revenue contribution to Consumer Banking.
  • Increase customer product penetration by expanding the insurance product range.
2018 Achievements in Life and Health Insurance
  • Life insurance written premiums (as measured by Annualized premiums insured) increased to EGP 555.6 million compared to EGP 482 million a year ago
  • Fee income increased by 26.5% in 2018 compared to 2017
  • The Insurance Business generated EGP 182.6 million in revenues in 2018 compared to EGP 144.4 million in 2017

Business Banking

Business Banking serves over 48,000 small and medium-sized enterprises through a network of over a hundred experienced relationship managers across the country. We aim to be the bank of choice for Egypt’s SMEs by providing market-leading services and an innovative portfolio of products and solutions tailored to the needs of smaller enterprises.

Our broad range of integrated financial solutions includes cash management, secured and unsecured lending, trade finance, payment, and e-commerce to help our clients manage and grow their businesses.

CIB is committed to supporting SMEs as a cornerstone of both Egypt’s and CIB’s growth. Revenues from the Business Banking Division have been steadily growing year on year, and we aim to continue growing our contribution to the Bank’s profitability and the Egyptian economy.

2018 Highlights

Business Banking continued to display strong performance in 2018, as demonstrated by its performance indicators:

  • Deposits: reached EGP 48 billion, growing 21% y-o-y
  • Trade: EGP 55 billion was facilitated, growing 34% y-o-y
  • Payments solutions: attained 30% market share, processing EGP 27 billion in transactions
  • Client base: increased 15% to reach 48,000 companies
  • Operating profits: increased 16% to EGP 2.4 billion
Empowering Women in Business

Business Banking has partnered with the US government-backed Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) to hold 12 workshops as part of the “Women in Business” Capacity Building Program that aims to increase banking and financial awareness among female-owned and managed start-ups and small companies. The program promotes inclusion in the formal sector, access to finance and bolsters the Bank’s standing as an institution that upholds and supports gender equality throughout the sector.

2019 Forward-Looking Strategy

Business Banking will continue to tailor its offering to clients’ changing financial needs in order to offer the best and most responsive customer experience in the market.

Leveraging Data

Our increasing use of data to enhance business decisions will drive innovation in segment-focused sales, risk management and process optimization.

Professional Services Alliances

Our exclusive alliances with leading providers of professional non-banking services allow clients to benefit from a wide range of services at discounted rates all under one roof.


Our market-leading online banking platform offers clients the ultimate convenience in managing their financial affairs around the clock.

Dedicated Contact Center

A dedicated Business Banking call center will be launched in 2019 to offer a new and flexible channel for client enquiries.

Risk Infrastructure

The build-out of our world-class, end-to-end risk infrastructure will support the ambitious growth targets for the SME business. A key pillar of our risk management strategy is the active monitoring of all accounts using comprehensive heat maps and early warning indicators that allow proactive assistance for clients prior to actual financial difficulties. The development of our in-house knowledge database of key industrial sectors is also a key differentiating factor for the credit business.

Payment Acceptance

CIB maintained its dominant position in Egypt’s payment acceptance sector through 13,446 POS machines throughout Egypt. Around 11,000 merchants benefit from our payment and e-commerce services, including our new installment option for online purchases. In 2018, CIB processed over EGP 27 billion in POS transactions, attaining a market-leading 30% share of all transactions.


Cluster customers based on transactional behavior to develop customized services

Product Enhancement

Data analytics will drive continuous enhancement of product parameters and the customer experience

Sales Management

Development of automated, data-driven sales management tool to accelerate growth and enhance sales productivity

Marketing Campaigns

Campaign insights to enhance marketing decisions