Established in 2006 as a joint venture between CIB, the CIB Employees Fund, Al-Ahly for Marketing, and other private entities, Falcon Group management’s strategy is centered on service excellence. The company provides a plethora of services including, but not limited to: security services, money transfer, technical systems and security products, public services and project management, and tourism and concierge services to a variety of industries such as the industrial, commercial, tourism, and public sectors.

The group provides state-of-the-art, holistic solutions tailored to every client’s specific requirements. Falcon Group’s key strength lies in its single-point-of-contact solutions that ensure it provides consistent services at the highest quality, lowest risk, and with great flexibility at a reasonable cost.

Falcon for Security Services

Falcon for Security Services has been the main security service provider for several top-tier government and non-government organizations, such as the United Nations, and a number of embassies in Egypt. With a portfolio of over 754 clients, the company provides services such as property protection, event security, corporate security and training, personal protection, as well as safety and industrial training to some of the biggest companies in Egypt. The company values clients as business partners, and is dedicated to providing them with the highest quality of service and treating their goals and objectives as its own.

2018 Highlights

Falcon for Security Services met all its 2018 targets, managing to boost its annual income for 2018 by 14%. During the year, the company was able to secure work with numerous prominent institutions and successfully add new segments of clients by securing several new projects such as Porto Sokhna, El Zamalek Sporting Club, a new conference hall, several metro stations across Cairo, and all free zones across the country.

Falcon for Security Services increased its provision of security services for public events by 100% in 2018, with the company providing security at events such as the Egypt Can Conference, the Automech Formula exhibition, several African Champions League matches, the 2018 China Trade Fair, and Edex 2018.

The company reached a market share of 70% during 2018 and aspires to maintain its position as an industry leader by growing both organically and through acquisitions during the coming year.

2019 Forward-Looking Strategy

As part of the group’s goal of providing top-notch solutions for its customers, Falcon companies plan to use managed service providers for their activities starting 2019. In the coming year, the group expects to target multiple prominent institutions and clients, including banks, embassies, and hospitals to add to its roster of customers. 2019 will see Falcon expand its product and service offering to ensure clients remain fully satisfied and confident in the company’s service quality and continue to regard it as their number one choice in terms of efficiency and customer service. In 2019, the group plans to expand its market presence by 25%.

Falcon for Public Services and Project Management

Falcon for Public Services and Project Management operates all facility systems to the comfort and satisfaction of facility occupants. The company offers general cleaning, landscaping, façade cleaning, and marble polishing at the highest quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. In 2018, Falcon for Public Services and Project Management held a market share of 20%, serving a large client base out of 330 different locations across Egypt.

2018 Highlights

Through considerable efforts to build solid relationships and gain the trust and confidence of public and private institutions, the company succeeded in signing on several new clients such as a new conference hall, Toshiba El Araby Group, and Cequens.

On top of securing new contracts, the company has also been able to renew important deals such as with the Port Said Security Directorate, the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman, the Embassy of the State of Kuwait, Mall of Arabia, FLO Water, the Parliament, and Al Azhar University Hospital.

2019 Forward-Looking Strategy

The company’s strategy is based on its firm belief that performance is measured by clients’ success. Over the next year, the company plans to sign several sizeable contracts with government agencies as they continue to carefully select, train, and supervise their professionals and staff to ensure they meet client needs and provide exceptional levels of performance.

Falcon for Cash in Transit Services

Falcon’s Cash in Transit Division works with reputable banks and companies in Egypt, providing CIT services, ATM replenishment, maintenance, vaulting, cash management, and valuables transportation through a highly qualified team. In 2018, the company increased its market share to 38% through the acquisition of new award contracts and expanding its client portfolio.

2018 Highlights

Throughout the year, Falcon for Cash in Transit Services signed new contracts to increase its market presence, achieving a market share increase of 15% in 2018.

The company served 1,450 ATMs in 2018 compared to the 1,160 served in 2017 and added nine new armored vehicles to its fleet.

In 2018, Falcon signed a partnership agreement with one of the largest companies in the world that will allow it to provide more services and offer expanded benefits to its clients. It also managed to increase cash volumes by 40% in 2018 and gross revenues by 22%.

2019 Forward-Looking Strategy

The company plans to grow its market share through providing new services for retail, having already integrated new solutions to collect cash from shopping centers. Falcon for Cash in Transit will also make use of the latest technology to further improve its ATM services and its managed cash offerings, in line with its strategy to streamline operations. The company is also investing considerable resources to train its team members to ensure they consistently provide the highest level of service to clients.

Falcon Tech

Falcon Security Systems designs, implements, and maintains all integrated electronic systems in the field of technical security for facilities and individuals.

In 2018, Falcon Tech succeeded in expanding its market share to 70% by signing several new important contracts, which now allow the company to provide security systems to airports, commercial malls, and universities across Egypt.

2018 Highlights

The company signed deals with several new clients including the Ministry of Armed Forces, the General Intelligence, the Suez for Petroleum Production Company, El Ahly Club, the Egyptian Civil Protection Authority, 20 new CIB branches, Cairo International Airport, and the Egyptian Post.

Falcon for PR and Communications (Tawasul)

Falcon for PR and Communications (Tawasul) specializes in communication services and consultancy as well as event and conference management. The division also offers media services.

Website: www.falcongroupinternational.org