Corporate Social


CIB has continued to embed corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the heart of the organization. This year, it has expanded its steadfast commitment to the communities in which it operates by diversifying its community development activities, which include supporting sports, fine art, culture, and social care. It has implemented various CSR projects and provided crucial support to the initiatives of other organizations.

In 2018, CIB continued to positively impact its communities by strengthening its support for sports in Egypt and nurturing the country’s athletic talents. Squash-related initiatives were again at the core of CIB’s CSR agenda, and we broadened our support to generate more opportunities and value for a wider community.

To know more about CIB’s efforts in supporting Egyptian athletes in the squash arena, please refer to the Supporting the Best in Class: Squash section of this report.

Sponsorship of Ramadan Soccer Tournament for Abu El-Rish Children’s Hospital: CIB contributed to a charity soccer tournament last Ramadan, which was held to support the Abu El-Rish Children Hospital. All the tournament’s funds were donated to the hospital.

Another significant area in which CIB focused its CSR efforts in 2018 is art and culture. Out of a belief that the advancement of a nation stems from improving the culture and aesthetic sense of society, CIB has been diversifying its support of artistic endeavors throughout Egypt.

Supporting Students of Fine Arts Faculties: CIB works hard to uncover hidden artistic talent across Egypt by shedding light on distinctive artwork and supporting students in the faculties of fine arts. The Bank participated in the exhibition of student projects at the universities of Luxor, Assuit, Menya, and Mansoura. We acquired distinctive works to enrich our art collection while incentivizing young talents.

Night with Arts at Manial Palace: CIB sponsored “Night with the Arts” for the second year in a row. This year, the exhibition “Nothing Vanishes, Everything Transforms” showcased Egypt’s rich cultural heritage, having been held at the historic Manial Palace. With more than 500 renowned guests in attendance, CIB displayed one of its art pieces from its art collection for the first time.

Africa Art Workshop: For the first time ever, CIB supported an African painting workshop led by Soma Art School in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the seventh edition of the Rencontre Internationale d’Art Contemporain (RIAC) event.

Promoting the Legacy of Egyptian Cinema: CIB maintains its commitment to preserve the legacy of Egypt across different fields, including art and cinema. The Bank sponsored the special “Cinema Edition” of the cultural magazine “Rawi”, which focuses on Egyptian heritage.

Made in Egypt: CIB aims to support entrepreneurial spirit in Egypt by identifying distinctive artistic talents. This year, CIB continued to sponsor “Made in Egypt”, an exhibition of young Egyptian designers held in London featuring the country’s best artistic productions.

CIB’s CSR initiatives and activities are designed with the goal of making a positive, sustainable impact on people’s lives.

KidZania: CIB and KidZania’s partnership began in 2013, and since then, the Bank has successfully organized several trips each year to KidZania for more than 150 underprivileged children, special needs children, as well as children with health conditions. Under the auspices of the CIB Foundation, the trips provided children a fun setting in which to learn about diverse banking operations, such as issuing cheques, debit cards, and depositing and withdrawing money using KidZania’s official currency: Kidzos.

Autism International Day/ADVANCE: This year, the Bank continued its sponsorship of the Egyptian Advance Society for Persons with Autism and Other Disabilities (ADVANCE)’s annual ceremony. We also sponsored 2018 World Autism Awareness Day in Egypt to support the integration of people with disabilities into society. In further efforts, the Bank’s Smart Village headquarters and select branches were lit in blue in solidarity on World Autism Awareness Day.

Beena: CIB has been the main partner and financial sponsor of Beena for three consecutive years. Beena is a protocol signed between the Bank and the Ministry of Social Solidarity to encourage active youth participation in the community and monitor the development of social care services. This initiative successfully attracted thousands of volunteers around Egypt who assisted in orphanages, elderly homes, and special-needs houses.

El Sawy Culture Wheel: In 2018, CIB continued its long-lasting sponsorship of El Sawy Culture Wheel, supporting its various intellectual, cultural, and social activities, including concerts by internationally recognized artists, cultural nights, art exhibitions, documentary films, and more. This year, the Bank launched a new initiative in cooperation with the CIB Foundation and other NGOs to provide entertaining and educational programs at El Sawy Culture Wheel that target children.

Science Fair Sponsorship: CIB sponsored a science fair for school students to foster the scientific thinking process from an early age and encourage children to explore future careers in scientific fields. The fair featured groups of students from different grades who submitted projects to a panel of judges, which evaluated each project and awarded numerous titles to winning teams.

Exclusive Sponsorship of Hona Al Shabab: This year, CIB was the sole banking sponsor of the second season of CBC’s televised entrepreneurship competition Hona Al Shabab. Hosted by Egyptian broadcast presenter Lamees El Hadidi, the competition supports young fintech entrepreneurs and business startups. Of the 30 startups involved, interactive design-lab startup Argineering nabbed the first place. After the competition, a special event was held in CIB headquarters in Smart Village to celebrate the winners and contestants with CIB senior management.